Saturday, February 14, 2009

Progress Update

Today has been a fairly productive day. I've spent a lot of it writing and finishing up APIs for use by developers. This means the source will be available soon.

I think that I should point out, that even though I am spending a lot of time "cleaning" and making the source "better", given the way this project matured, many things are still just plain ugly and hacky, and by no means in line with best practices. What's more is, I'm not changing that. It works now, so why fix it if it ain't broke? Sure, I am adding and renaming some things to make it easier to use, but I'm not touching some of the less impressive underlying architecture. It's just not worth it.

As for writing, I think I have the Guide Section pretty much done. Currently I'm working on the Developers Section. As with the guide, I may update that gradually as its written. Once finalized, the source will be uploaded google code and people can get started using it on their own sites.


Anonymous said...

My Avatar Has A Head not On Its Head Have A Look

senocular said...

Hi... Anonymous,

That's actually not a valid avatar code string in the URL. It should only be 148 characters long; that one is 156. Nevertheless, the dude's head shouldn't be popping off his shoulders! I'll look into it, thanks!