Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Avatar Editor SWF Files Posted

I've pretty much wrapped up the Developers page and have posted the latest My Avatar Editor SWF files in the Download section of the site. These SWF files are what you would need to put My Avatar Editor on your own personal web page should you want to use it there. Included in the developers page are APIs and samples of how you can interact with the SWF files with additional scripting, either via JavaScript or with another wrapper SWF using ActionScript.
JS Example | AS Example.

The full source files have not yet been posted. However, it's mostly a matter of me gathering the files together and writing up a README, etc. That could possibly happen as early as tonight, but more likely sometime tomorrow. I'll create a new blog post when that happens.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your interest in helping others do the same as you did ^^

PartDigital said...

Hey I'm wondering if it's possible to integrate this program with a content management system. Specifically when it comes to adding new body parts. Eyes, Noses etc.