Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MAE Source is now live!

Its up, and hopefully it will compile ;)

Additional information can be found at


Anonymous said...


great job.


l_w_j said...

can I use this in my site? it is free?

senocular said...

@l_w_j: Yes, this is explained on the google code page and at I've posted an additional link above.

Anonymous said...

Curious if you would be interested in adapting this for use with more phot-realistic images for a project. What would you charge for something like that?

senocular said...

Hi baldsug,

I'm sorry but I am not available for outside work. Additionally, most of the work that went into this project was for Mii compatibility. For a more generic avatar editor, or one with completely different requirements, it would be better to start over from scratch.

Navarr Barnier said...


BTW, theres no place to report bugs:

Eyes are supposed to appear below the hair, however MAE renders them on top of the hair.

Please fix this for such useful things as the "cat-ear hack".

Thank you~

senocular said...

Hi Navarr,

For now, you can report bugs through the blog.

Regarding the eyes, there is logic contained in the editor to bring the eyes above the hair when the eyes are far enough outside and/or high on the head. The problem is Mii characters are in 3D and My Avatar Editor is in 2D. As 2D graphics, there's no accurate (easy) way to reproduce the clipping/intersecting of geometry that happens in 3D. Instead, approximations are made to get as close as possible and this could mean some characters do not look correct.

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing project, kudos to you. I took a crack at compiling the source files but couldn't get it to compile. Probably I did it wrong. Will there be instructions on how to do this? Once again, a phenomenal job and hats off to you.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to customize the source files in CS3? I downloaded the CS4 trial and backwards saved the FLAs then tried to publish as AS3 Flash Player 9. Unfortunately AS3 is way beyond my capabilities at this point, but I'd love to be able to customize some of the faces and stuff in CS3. Thanks dude this is such amazing work.

senocular said...

Concerning compiling, there's information at:

As for CS3, it could be possible for the editor to work to be compiled with CS3 targeting Flash Player 9, but it would take a lot of work. The editor is written with a number of Flash Player 10 (CS4)-specific features/capabilities, namely local file access and more importantly the new timeline enhancements.

PartDigital said...

Hey I'm wondering if it's possible to integrate this program with a content management system. Specifically when it comes to adding new body parts. Eyes, Noses etc.

Would I better off starting from scratch?

senocular said...

@PartDigital: You'd probably be better off starting from scratch. I tried to make the source code a little more capable of handling new character features (than before), but it still isn't easy, and by no means suited for dynamic feature addition via a CMS.

A lot of what My Avatar Editor is, is directed towards Mii compatibility. It's not a very good solution for a generic avatar editor with a different set of requirements. However, if anything, it may or may not be useful as a learning tool.