Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Avatar Editor - Transitional Beta

For those of you who haven't already noticed, a transitional beta of My Avatar Editor is now online. This is not what My Avatar Editor will ultimately look like, but its different enough from the Wii's™ Mii™ Channel to get it back on the streets (methinks).

Some of the GUI changes include:
  • A change in the color scheme
  • A change in the button (and other control) styles
  • Characteristic buttons (tabs) have been moved to the bottom of the screen
  • All characteristic tabs are represented at the bottom rather than having some in sub-tabs (for example face shapes and facial features now are each given their own tab)
  • Arrows for paging through characteristic variations have been moved to the bottom
  • There is no longer an avatar URL
In addition, there were a number of general fixes to the editor. These include changes that would have made it into the original version of the editor but hadn't yet been pushed live before it went offline. These include:
  • The character shadow is now correctly behind/below the character's feet
  • The eyes on Page 4 Col 1 Row 2 were given the missing eyelashes (the icon preview had them but they were not seen when on the avatar)
  • Character names should now end when a null character is reached; this prevents new short names possibly revealing characters from long names used before the short name was set
  • Fixed mole size range. It was incorrectly going to 15 (steps) when it should have stopped at 8
This version should also be the last version that will work on Flash Player 9. The next release will target Flash Player 10, currently in beta from Adobe. This will allow a lot of the hacks in the current release to be removed and allow for the updated save and load feature mentioned in a previous post (which supports offline saving and loading). Additionally, the next release should have a new look and feel that is more unique to My Avatar Editor.

There's no telling when this new version will be released, but it will be a while. I'm currently going through a code review now cleaning things up and taking out the aforementioned hacks where necessary. There will be some other architectural changes that could delay this process not to mention the fact that I still have to figure out how to implement Mii™ compatibility within the new feature sets that are to be added. I might provide more detail on that situation at a later time.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lost Tutorial Mode

The upcoming update of the old editor included a tutorial mode. This mode was intended to help indicate how a character could be created from the default boy character. The big benefit being that you could load up characters found online to your computer and learn how to recreate them by hand on the Wii™ by watching an automated cursor create the character in front of you without having to worry about transferring the raw character data through bluetooth to the controller and from the controller to the console.

Unfortunately, before the update could be released, the editor hit that snag with the big N and had to be taken down. I thought it would be interesting to show off what it did nevertheless. After all, I put in a decent amount of work to make it happen.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Default Girl and Default Boy

The default girl and default boy avatar characters can be loaded using the following XML.

Default Boy:

<avatar value="000000640065006600610075006c00740042006f0079404080807f5fc242899800044240318028a2088c08401448b88d008a008a25040000000000000000000000000000000000000000" />

Default Girl:

<avatar value="400000640065006600610075006c007400470072006c404080807f73c242899800041840018028a2106c08401448b88d008a008a25040000000000000000000000000000000000000000" />

Note: Be careful; the post cuts off the full XML string. Be sure that you copy the entire XML node (ends with />).