Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Considering new Avatar Core logo

This morning I was thinking about making a new logo for Avatar Core. The current logo looks too cold and doesn't really say "avatar" when you look at it, despite my attempts to incorporate an "A", a gear (being a framework), and a character's head - one which ends up looking more like a cycloptic robot.

I was also thinking, given that the project is based off of My Avatar Editor (and hosted from that domain), that maybe the logo should be more reflective of that project. I quickly slapped together two new variations of that logo which could serve as a replacement for the current Avatar Core logo. Anyone have any preferences? Stick with the current, go with one of the new variations, or think about it more and come up with something else?

Granted, the logo has no functional bearing on this project, but it is a fun aside to coding.

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Anonymous said...

i think that this is ntersting. not really. how do u talk to people??