Monday, August 31, 2009

Avatar Core Updates

A bunch of new Wiki pages have been added for Avatar Core, adding a little more in terms of explanation for the different parts of the framework. When I get around to it (though probably not any time soon), I'll try to include some additional visual aides and maybe demos, or links to demos that cover each specific topic.

Speaking of demos, the source code for the previously mentioned demos have also been posted there (Demos wiki page). However, there have been some problems with the hosting for where the files are hosted, so they might not be accessible at the moment.

When writing up some of the additional wiki documentation, I ended up adding a few more things to the framework. In other words, version 0.2.1 is looming. But I also just ran across another issue which is a little more serious and something that could require some additional changes to the API (never fun). I'll have to think about how to solve that problem and weigh in convenience vs. performance and all that jazz. Without getting into too much detail, the problem essentially boils down to art being loaded far often than it needs to be.

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