Monday, August 24, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I've started to get back into development of AvatarCore (the offshoot project from My Avatar Editor to serve as a framework for new avatar viewing/editing clients). So far I'm mostly just re-familiarizing myself with the codebase. Luckily the getting started docs I wrote weren't too shabby, so that hasn't been a difficult process. At the same time, its also good coming into a project with a fresh eye so it's easier to see where the problem spots might exist. I'm happy to say that it hasn't been too bad so far, though I do wish that some of framework was simpler. It's been a tough process trying to mix simplicity and ease of use with functionality. I'm not unhappy with what exists now, so not much of that will change.

Having said that, I've already been making some changes that are beyond simple additions or name changes, particularly with parent handling, that could potentially have a substantial impact on programming clients using AvatarCore. I'll try to release an update with those changes fairly soon. In the mean time, I had hoped to create some more sample applications to weed some of these issues out. A 1.0 release isn't going to happen until I'm able to whip together some scenario applications covering most if not all of the framework's capabilities.

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