Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Avatar Core 0.5.5 Released

Avatar Core 0.5.5 Released is now available from the Avatar Core project page. As mentioned in the previous post, this update includes some bug fixes and some minor changes to the API. More information on what was changed can be seen in the release notes.

Also included in this update is a small JSFL command for users of Adobe Flash Professional. This command can read the contents of the current timeline and the selection in the Library in Flash and generate XML based on their contents. When I get a chance, I'll try to write up some more information on how it works including providing a sample FLA.

I do feel this release is starting to shape up, and I feel more comfortable with how things are coming together. There are still a few more additions I would like to make before hitting 1.0, though. These additions should not affect any work being done with Avatar Core now, so I think it should be pretty safe to work with it now without having to worry about breakages.

Despite the past few months being slow, I hope to spend some more time working on the framework this spring.

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