Sunday, May 3, 2009

Avatar Core 0.0.5 Beta

A new release of Avatar Core is now available. This release is 0.0.5 beta. I figured it's far enough along now to take it out of alpha and bring it into beta, though I'll have to admit that kind of identification is fairly arbitrary (just look at how long Google tools remain in beta...).

For anyone wanting to keep track of project updates, I'd suggest not following this blog but instead keeping an eye on the Avatar Core project feeds of which there are a number to keep an eye on. I'll probably only update this blog moving forward with major releases or otherwise notably important news.

Next on my things to do is work on documentation. The API has already been updated, but I want to include better descriptions and getting started information on the wiki. Currently, a lot of the content there is no longer accurate.


Thiago said...


Today I have a link to the editor, people create their miis and then they upload it to my site (but they change the bg colors, size, position, zoom, etc).

The thing is that I would like to standardize all avatars from my site. I would like to disable some feature like bg color, image size, character positioning, etc.

My questions:
1) Is it possible to easily disable some fields/features?
2) Is it possible to save the image and upload it automatically?

I never worked with flash, but I'm willing to learn if these things are feasible! I just wanna be sure first! ;)



senocular said...


Yes, you can do both of those things. If all you want to disable is changing the size and color etc. (everything in the export menu), that's not hard to do. You essentially just delete those objects.

Automatically uploading to a server is a little more difficult and would require learning a bit of Flash, not to mention setting up the server to accept the data and so on, but also certainly possible.

Thiago said...

Great! =)

Thanks for your answers!

And congratulations, this is an amazing editor!

Pete said...

Hi there,

I have been trying to play around with your myavitareditor source code in CS4 pro but I'm having problems debugging/publishing. I think it is down to AIR dependencies. I noticed on your developer page that you mention updating the playerglobal.swc but I don't know how to do that. I've tried dropping in the globalair.swc but that doesn't work and I can't find any info on editing .swc files. I've run out of ideas... :oS

Any help would be much appreciated.

Love the editor by the way!


senocular said...

Hi Pete,

All you need to do is rename the to globalair.swc to playerglobal.swc in that directory, renaming the original playerglobal.swc to something else - what, it doesn't matter. You just want Flash to use the globalair.swc as the primary playerglobal.swc, and it does so through the file name "playerglobal.swc"

Pete said...


Fantastic, that worked a treat! Many thanks for the lightening fast reply. You saved me hours, if not days of head scratching...

Keep up the good work,


Thiago said...

Just FYI, I was able to disable some Export options and now it will always export with the same settings (size / zoom / position / bgcolor / jpg).

Now I will try to upload the image to the server. Do you have any suggestions on how to do it?

I don't need to upload it from the MAE itself, I was thinking about having a button in my page, which would get the image data via javascript from MAE and then POST it to my server. Is it feasible?


senocular said...


I don't think you can get that data from Flash to JavaScript and then post it. You will probably want to post directly from Flash.