Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Editor Wireframes

So far, there has been no real development done with My Avatar Editor. It's still early and most of the changes being made from Mii Editor are conceptual. I have yet to decide on a layout for the interface. Mii Editor's interface mimicked that of the Nintendo Wii™s Mii™ Channel interface. Afterall, that's the interface people were most familiar with (and the latest update included a step by step control the mouse tutorial on how to create your characters on the Wii, but unfortunately it never made it live).

The My Avatar Editor layout will be different. In fact, I had always planned on making an "enhanced" version of the interface with better control, especially given the precision of the mouse on desktop computers (compared to the Wii™ remote). My Avatar Editor will not be this enhanced version, but rather, a "reimagination" of the classic interface into something less indicative of that used by the Wii™. The goal is to maintain the functionality (as well as eventually add more) but still maintain the compatibility for those who want to create or edit Mii™ characters.

One of my ideas is to have a centralized character with controls to the bottom or side. In fact, unless I think of anything better, this might be what My Avatar Editor will end up looking like.

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